Thank you for being here. 

So a little background about me.

Being creative is something I had practiced and needed since I was a kid. I always drew, sewed, crocheted, and painted.

However, choosing arts as a career was always discouraged by my father to a more financially stable profession. My father a rebel by all means, you see, grew up in a conservative Indian Muslim family where women had very little say in making their life choices. Most of my older girl cousins were encouraged to study ‘Home Economics’, ‘Islamic Studies' before me and my five sisters came along. It was my father’s liberal views that encouraged me and my sisters to explore other careers. He strongly encouraged his five girls to choose careers that can ensure our economic freedom in Pakistan.

But life is funny that way. I only wanted to be an artist which does not scream economic freedom by any means. So I studied Information Science at Indiana University to make him happy. Got a job in CA, moved there, fell in love, got married, and finally quit. 

I stayed really miserable for a long time unsure what to do until I started drawing again. I worked mostly as a freelance, editorial, and client base. Fast forward to 2019 I made a website for myself and started painting more for myself, started selling stationery on Etsy. I still do editorials and client base work. I also sell my stationery. Check out my website LadooLadoo.

If you want to know more about my work, check out my website. You can also follow me at

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I am a Muslim Pakistani-American artist and illustrator in Los Angeles. I am interested in writing stories that explore the journey of motherhood, being a Muslim and a female artist. Join me and let's talk...